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Short Game

  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunkers
  • Distance Wedges

Practice with Purpose

  • Effective Practice
  • Competitive Practice & Testing
  • Time Management & Scheduling
  • Short Game v Long Game
  • Periodisation of Practice Types
  • Improvement Plans
Technical Assesment

  • Video & Software Analysis
  • Understanding Ball Flight Laws

Mind Coaching

  • Goal Setting
  • Evidence Based Confidence
  • Game Plan
  • Routines
  • Performance Diary
  • Tournament Attitude
Playing Better

  • Warm Up
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Awkward Lies
  • Recovery Shots
  • Shot Shaping
  • Course Management
  • Playing Lessons


  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Full Swing
  • Bunkers
  • Wedge Play
  • Putting
  • On-Course Guidance
The Baker Golf Academy based at the 18 hole championship course, Irene Country Club, in Centurion, Gauteng, incorporates a grass driving range with 20 open bays, bent grass practice putting green as well as a bent grass short game green and sand trap, where you have the  opportunity to learn and practice chipping, pitching, putting, bunker shots and lob shots.

Owen Baker employs a coaching method based on finding out where the pupil is right now with his/her game and where he/she wants their game to be in the near and distant future. Owen offers customised programs for all golfers; from beginners to expert taking into account the fact that no two swings are alike and nobody fits in the same mould. Factors such as mobility, flexibility, psychological habit and time available to practice determine the best approach to improving your golf.
With an excellent ability to communicate, Owen guarantees a speedy grasp of technical aspects for all levels of golfers, with each lesson planned to build your game from strength to strength.
For those of you new to golf, Owen will guide you through the essentials. The first lessons for a new, or emerging golfer, will examine the basics of the golf swing. Fundamentals such as aim, grip, stance and posture will all be practiced. With expert guidance, you will be amazed at how quickly your game will begin to take shape.
For the established golfer, potential weaknesses are explored in the long game, short game and mental strategies. Existing strengths will be improved. You will be guided on the areas to work on with a plan of action that can then be taken forward.

Coaching from the Baker Golf Academy will assist you in becoming better in all areas of golf. Lesson programs are available in different options:

Individual Lessons and Individual Lessons Packages.
Private lessons are available for all levels of experience. Private lessons are 1 to 1 (30 mins or 1 hour). Choose from a 5, 7 or 10 lesson package.
  • Flexibility for coaching on the range, chipping green and putting green
  • Skills testing and statistical analysis
  • Video and computer analysis

9 Hole Playing Lesson - Lower your scores with an course lesson, working on taking swing improvements into real life situations or focusing on course management. Now that you have learnt and practiced the skills on the range, itís time to learn how to play the course! The time on course is specific to you and you can take a number of different focuses.
  • Course Management
  • Shot Selection
  • Planning from the tee box
  • Course Mapping (preshot routine, landing zones, green reading, start lines and targets)
On course lessons can also focus on taking swing changes you have previously been working on at the driving range and put them to the test in ever changing situations.

1 Hour Short Game Masterclass - Lower scoring is all about getting the ball into the hole. Our comprehensive short game master class is the perfect option for immediate improvements and handicap reduction. This program is suited for all levels of playing ability and is designed to increase confidence around the green.
  • Improve consistency and accuracy
  • Confident chipping and shot selection
  • Develop go-to shots to build confidence
  • Bunker success technique
  • Tricky lies and escape shots

1 Hour Putting Masterclass - With hands on tour experience, Owen endeavours to help each player find their individual pathway to better putting. The lesson consists of three main sections:
  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Practical