Grade-40 is a graduation program designed for junior golfers to develop and improve their abilities in scoring on the golf course in a competitive environment.
Grade-40 is a simple program that rewards juniors as they achieve targets. The Starter Level's target is to shoot 40 or lower over 6 holes from the 100 meter mark and win the white cap. Next target is the Blue Level. As soon as a score of 40 or better is achieved over 9 holes from the 100 meter mark on the fairway they'll recieve a blue cap and bragging rights, of course. Then the next target is to shoot 40 or better from the 150 meter mark to win the red cap and move on to achieve the ultimate goal which is to shoot 36 or lower from the 150 meter mark.
It's not as easy as you think, so a lot of practicing correctly will be required.